First SSG Thought

Let’s talk about self-care, what it is, how it works, and how to do it!

Anything goes here as this is a safe space. No judgement, no pre-conceived notions, just let your feelings and thoughts flow…



3 thoughts on “First SSG Thought

  1. First off, what is self-care? Well a proper definition according to the University of Buffalo Website is, “self-care refers to activities and practices that we can engage in on a regular basis to reduce stress and maintain and enhance our short- and longer-term health and well-being.”
    Awesome! But what does this mean, really? How exactly does self-care work for US, in the field of social work as students?? We are just infants, a few toddlers in this world, maybe some are teens, but we could all use some sort of refresher, recap, or just plain introduction to what self-care is and how to practice it.

    I know for myself, having begun this journey 10 months ago, I would have NEVER thought I could be this much of an advocate for self-care, as I myself was unsure of what it meant and how to really practice it. Heck, I am still learning! But to be honest, it is always a work in progress, and to be MORE honest, just talking about it is where it should start, but not end.

    No one has all the answers, but we can surely be a resource for one another and reach out for help when needed.
    So this is where I feel it necessary to turn to you guys! I know it is difficult, to spread out EVEN MORE time in your schedule to reading, writing, and researching, but listen, 5-10 min. is all it takes. Trust. I literately took 5 min just to type this short blog.

    So overall, what is self-care? Well for me, it’s this. It is talking, it is sharing, it is opening up a space for everyone to pour their hearts and minds out to others and to connect via one wavelength. Sometimes my self-care is also spending time with my dogs, walking them. Sometimes it is talking a walk in the park and talking with my good friend May.
    Sometimes is having a good family dinner, catching up with my parents and discussing life. Sometimes, its just being grateful, for everything I have and everyone I love.

    How does it work? Well for me, I just keep trying and experimenting and seeing what feels best. It takes time, it takes energy, but it sure is worth it.

    How to do it? Well, you do it! Stop waiting, stop blowing it off, stop putting work first when you know you need a break. You will end up burning out quicker than the life of a fly.

    Hey, you don’t have to listen to me. Just know that there is a space where whenever you want to work out what self-care is for you, it will be here. On this page, and at the school…Trust, self-care is staying put, and this is one more way of enhancing it 🙂


  2. Self-Care. It is hard to admit this but I had never given the idea of self-care much thought until beginning the GCSW program. Without a doubt it is essential to us as future social workers.

    Self-care is important to our well-being and reflects on how we treat others.

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  3. My experience with self care has been a convoluted and bumpy road. Some of the classes I’m taking have really pushed me to take a closer look at my needs and feelings, and it’s hard shit. I often feel like I don’t have enough time and simultaneously that I’m not doing enough. So incorporating time for me to treat myself gently and with compassion is an intimate part of how I’m learning to survive and grow. Thanks for helping us create that space, dude.

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