The GCSW Support and Self-care Group was birthed from the mind of a 2015 admit MSW student, Amanda Rhodes, who saw a great need for self-care and support at the social work college.
It all started in April 2016, with one simple flyer asking students to meet in the courtyard outside the building, to practice their self-care, and then quickly grew to where it is at now.
With the support and love of faculty and students, SSG can continue to grow and flourish, so that many more of the GCSW students can be better prepared as social workers once they graduate.
“Before we can be super heros for others we first need to save ourselves…”-Amanda Rhodes, SSG Founder


Dr. Monit Cheung, MA, MSW, PhD, LCSW, is Professor and Chair of the Clinical Practice Concentration at the Graduate College of Social Work, University of Houston. She is a huge proponent for self-care practice in the field of social work and has advocated for the enhancement of social worker’s well-being for several years.
She has also taught a self-care course at the GCSW and has worked with the founder for one year helping SSG progress.

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