GCSW Self Care Center-Website

This Self-Care Center aims to provide fun and simple activities that are designed for social workers and social work students to use for practicing as well as promoting self care. 
Link: http://self-care.wixsite.com/exercises

GCSW Support and Self-care Group guide for 1st year students

A how to survival guide that included self-care planning to time management for incoming first year students. President, Amanda Rhodes, interviews several 2015 admits to get their feedback and advice.

Self-Care Starter Kit from the University of Buffalo

The resources in these pages can be thought of as a “Self-Care Starter Kit” appropriate for both students in training as well as professionals in field. There are also additional resources to help no matter where you are in your self-care journey.
Link: https://socialwork.buffalo.edu/resources/self-care-starter-kit.html

Are you Burning out? Burn-out checklist

A straight-forward checklist to check-in on your stress levels and see if you are burnt out.
Link: https://socialwork.buffalo.edu/content/dam/socialwork/home/self-care-kit/are-you-burning-out.pdf

How important Mindfulness is in the field of Social Work

Lessons that are learned when practicing mindfulness and how this can help us as social workers.
Link: http://www.socialworker.com/feature-articles/practice/mindfulness-10-lessons-in-self-care-for-social-workers/

Practice Mindfulness Meditation 🙂